as low as $35!

  • Fresh oil and compatible new oil filter
  • Top up windshield wiper, radiator, brake and power steering fluids
  • Inspect lights, wiper blades, serpentine belt, air filters and tires – OilCOW car Fitness Report


as low as $60!

  • All Basic Oil Change Services +
  • Vacuum front floor boards
  • Waterproof exterior of windshield; wipe interior of windshield, interior and exterior of four windows, interior and exterior mirrors, and dashboard
  • Read and decipher car computer code

(All service prices are labor only)

5,000-7,500 miles

Wiper Blades¹

Install new customer
specified wiper blades



4 Wheel Rotation¹

Rotate all four wheels in two rotation patterns (over a 20k mile interval)— axle to axle and cross switch.



10,000-20,000 Miles

Air Filters
(Engine & Cabin)¹

New Phram or similar engine
air filter and cabin air filter
Engine filter no labor charge
Cabin Filter:



30,000-60,000 Miles

Replace Battery¹

Remove and appopriately dispose current battery,
clean battery clamps,
install new engine specific battery


Serpentine Belt ¹ ²

Remove old serpentine belt,
inspect pulleys, install new belt


Brake Maintenance¹

Air clean brake assembly and replace brake pads on both wheels on one or both axles, as requested. (Bleed brake line if needed, top off brake fluid. Lubricate moving components.)



60,000-90,000 Miles

AC Recharge¹

Recharge system with R134a refrigerant and AC system lubricants.
R22 AC systems NOT DONE.



Radiator Flush

Drain radiator,
FLUSH radiator with
CLEANER and refill radiator
with FRESH coolant



Fuel Filter

Remove existing fuel filter and
relpace with comparable fuel



Headlight Restoration

Click on link below to view:
Before and After
Headlight Lens
Restoratiom Pictures



Spark Plugs

Remove old spark plugs
and relpace them with new ones



Other Services

Car Dri-Wash

Dri-wash car exterior,
vacuum floor boards and instrument panel,
clean ALL interior and exterior glass surfaces



Battery Clamps

Clean battery clamps
and install new clamps



Replace Fused Bulbs

Manufacturer specified bulb(s)




  • ¹ Autozone/O’Rielly’s DIY pricing on parts and material
  • ² Marked additional services will receive a 10% discount (on labor charges only) if done in conjunction with an oil-change or another service
  • ³ Prices for up to 5 Qrts. Each additional quart +$5 for conventional oil, +$8 for High Mileage or Synthetic oils.